Updates Under Way

Well, I’ve had quite a lot going on in the past couple years, since my last post. A lot of changes, moves, but in total a focus of direction and intent. That said, all that has been brewing has been fruiting within the my personal process and practice of making. I am at this certain point where the next step is involvement, with teachers, mentors, collaborators, and users/wearers.

The title of this post is in reference to these new steps and movements my practice is making. For lack of a better name, the things I produce will be under the name R.S. Goods. The “R” and “S” are initials in my name, but they can also stand for things like repurpose, reuse, reclaim, regenerative, recuperate, resist, relations, rebound, re-…etc, and striving, sustainability, sequester and stream. Or it could be something silly and playful. But underlying it all is a deep consideration of materials life, source, and disposal, and methods of making which instill craftsmanship and accountability.

It is fall, and whereas last I wrote- at least that remains a post for you to read- I was turning out of fall and into a place of internal work, behind closed doors, this time I’m tuning into a turn that is opening up…if only partly.

Happy Fall ya’ll!